Brand New to The Crystal Fair This April!

We've got several Crystal Fair Vendors, Psychics, Crystal Experts sharing their expertise, knowledge, stories, and techniques with you through their Books! Download or purchase a copy, relax on the hammock, grab a cuppa and support your local and inspirational Authors!

White Rainbows - Sibyl Harmony


By Sibyl Harmony

Join Sibyl Harmony and ground yourself in the principles of energy medicine and spiritual development.


White Rainbows takes you deep into simple yet profound practices of self-healing, so you have a solid foundation and can start to heal anything in your life and body. 



If you have always wanted to learn more about Healing and Energy Medicine, 

this book is for you. White Rainbows is the foundation book of her Advanced Energetic Medicine Series.


Coming out THIS APRIL!

Sibyl Harmony is a Teacher, Master Healer, Mystic Medium, and Pastor.

In the ancient times of the Goddess, "Sibyls" were Prophets, Healers, Therapists, and Pastors who served their communities.

In her own way, Sibyl Harmony has been here in divine service, reading, teaching, and healing for over 25 years. 

Since she was a child, she has been receiving communications from the divine and the elemental realms and healed the source of her chronic fatigue, thyroid, and other health issues using energetic medicine. She has traveled the world to study with shamans and now shares her teachings and wisdom with you.

Sibyl Harmony

Psychic, Healer

Petaluma, California 


Crystal Bill's book.jpg


By Crystal Bill Kaunitz

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Crystal Collecting

with Crystal Bill


Join Crystal Bill on a journey that goes back 600 million years, to the birth of the first quartz crystals

on Earth.


Bill’s 44 years of crystal research will help you understand:


*How crystals are formed

*Where to find them

*Identifying dozens of kinds of crystals

*How to dig quartz

*How to purchase crystals

*Cleaning and clearing crystals

*Meditation, energy work, and healing with quartz


Enjoy over 1,000 of Bill’s favorite crystals and rainbow stones through his glorious photography and descriptions.




To purchase exotic quartz crystals: 

Writing from the Queen's Seat - Shama Be


By Shama Besley

& Catharine Bramkamp

This Book and Program was designed exclusively for Intuitive Womyn Writers,

to inspire your magickal hearts to write fearlessly! 

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Read it anywhere and may its wisdom stimulate your Writerly Imagination and translate into the inspiration you

need to tell your story!

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Blessings, and welcome to our Queendom!

Queen Shama & Queen Catharine