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April, 2021

“Vanessa Levin interviews Jerry Tomlinson for the 34th Anniversary of the San Francisco Crystal Fair”. 

Compressed Jerry-Vanessa interviewJerry's interview
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Vogel Crystals

New tools for New healers


      Healers and shamans have used many tools over the ages to assist in their healing and spiritual work.  Rattles, drums, feathers, and beads are among the tools used as aids to enhance and quicken healing energies.


      Today, technology has brought us new tools that complement the ancient ones. Crystal singing bowls, electronic devices, Tesla coils, and Tensor Rings have augmented the toolkit of the modern shaman.  One of the new tools that rarely gets recognition is the Vogel Crystal, sometimes called the Vogel Wand.


      This particular device was developed by Marcel Vogel during his work at IBM labs in San Jose, CA during the 1980s. He developed a way of cutting quartz crystals that magnifies their power exponentially for healing purposes and taught healers various techniques for using these powerful stones to heal many types of disease.


      What are Vogel Crystals?


      The Vogel Crystal is based on the sacred geometric pattern of the "Tree of Life”. Typically made of quartz crystal, Vogel Crystals adhere to a specific set of geometric patterns that are shown to increase the healing power of the healer’s intent when used properly.


      Marcel Vogel found that when quartz is cut along the c-axis (the line of symmetry within the crystal perpendicular to all other axes on which the crystalline structure forms) in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, it resonates to ONE frequency. This quality is known as coherence. He also discovered that the emitted frequency has the same vibratory rate that is emitted by water. Therefore, Vogel-cut crystals are powerful instruments capable of taking thought impressions and literally injecting them into the matrix of water. Because more than 75% of the physical body is water, the Vogel crystal, with its resonance with water, is the perfect delivery mechanism for the introduction of subtle healing energies to an individual or animal.


      So a Vogel crystal is cut to amplify, coalesce, and focus thoughts and energy that you the healer wish to direct into the body/mind of another person. The design of the crystal allows for your focused thoughts and energy (and the Universal Life Force or Chi or Prana), to enter the crystal at the receptive end, where it is amplified and focused as it travels in a spiral pattern through the crystal, and ultimately transmitted like a laser beam from the focal end to its target.

      Vogel Crystals are not meant for everyone, these are powerful tools in the hands of a well-trained and prepared metaphysical healer.  Vogels are not meant to be show pieces, collected, or displayed on a shelf.  These are highly precise and powerful healing instruments meant to be used for the highest purpose.

      Vogels may be used for many things. The following list will give you some idea of how a healer might use this amazing tool. Vogels can be used to:


  • Manifest intent into physical form

  • Remove blockages from humans or animals

  • Remove disturbing energies from an individual

  • Restore balance to the aura

  • Release blocked energetic and psychological pattern


by Don Freeman

Starseed Crystals of Sonoma

An Introduction to the

Akashic Records

Akashic Records.jpg

      I was introduced to the Akashic Records (the energetic archive of the Soul’s entire journey) after 26 years of being a ‘conscious channel’ for my Spirit Guide, Anubis. Anubis’ higher purpose is assisting humanity to become more closely linked to the Soul.  I continue to learn how the Soul designs and orchestrates Its incarnations so that it serves human spiritual growth and Soul evolution to become One with the Divine (Source). Currently, I have over 7 years of focused concentration in the Akashic Records. 


      What are the Akashic Records?


      “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “limitless sky” and “primary substance from which all things are formed”. This Soul level plane of consciousness is raw energy - energy before our thoughts and feelings cause it to manifest as things, or people and experiences we desire. The Akashic Records are a plane of consciousness that is so exquisitely sensitive that every thought, feeling, intention, and action is impressed upon it, creating a record.


      The Records are sensitive to all vibrations including anything that has ever happened, is happening or has the possibility of happening throughout time is indelibly recorded. The term “Record” is similar to the family bible having a dedicated page listing all births, deaths, marriages, divorces, plagues, earthquakes, droughts and so forth. The Akashic Records can be accessed by us as a resource for Soul level evolution and are organized for human use by one’s current legal name. It is the Soul’s evolving path that is of utmost importance to human spiritual growth.


      In my experience, the energy and information of the Akashic Records is palpable, readily available and hugely helpful. The practice of opening my Akashic Records and asking questions continues to produce profound results. Through my work in the Akashic Records, I have received these classes fully formed:

  • Chronic Wellness Program,

  • The Akashic Transformation Process,

  • Body Revelations

  • Healing Self Doubt

  • Conscious Channeling 101


      Currently, I am channeling a book for the Akashic Beings of Light on “Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness”.


      Akashic Records readings are far seeing and dense! Exciting new territory, clear information, and a longer perspective is revealed. Whether through unwanted past life or ancestral influences, the compact wholeness of the energy and information that comes through is accurate. The depth, resonance and healing are precisely attuned to the needs of the individual at that moment. Exploring the Records is intellectually stimulating, emotionally healing and spiritually boundless.


      Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness is a major function of the Akashic Records. The development of humanity within the Soul’s consciousness is the grand purpose of accessing the Akashic Records. Increased health, compassion, useful action, easing of tensions, creative problem-solving, perfect timing, and peace of mind all flow from the Akashic Records. This is imminently useful, especially at this time. More than useful. It is NECESSARY! Bringing Forth Soul Consciousness enables higher wisdom and connection with the Divine (Source). You and I get to be part of it! How exciting!

By Rev. Annie Bachelder, Akashic Channel

April Energy Reading

with Sibyl Harmony

It's April! Welcome to the Spring Energy of the Month Reading

Indian Minerals Part 2



      Still not traveling “out there?” 


      How about an inner journey to Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Lemuria or Atlantis?  Let’s continue our exploration with Indian minerals, beyond time and space, beyond the limitations and boundaries of our third dimensional awareness.  Let’s open to the possibilities! 


      The perfect vehicle for this adventure is Heulandite.  It comes in various colors-- clear, white, green, red, pink, yellow or gray.  As with most stones, the color contributes to different energies being expressed.


       White Heulandite is highly prized for opening the third eye and stimulating synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  It is also believed that using Heulandite in meditation can help the meditator gain interdimensional access to past lives.  While calming the chaotic chatter of everyday life, it can help one remember events that may be related to blockages in this lifetime—giving one the opportunity to clear them. 


      White Heulandite can help one access the Akashic records and vividly see how your past lives brought you to this time and place—whether in Ancient Egypt or Atlantis.  It helps you understand that only you can heal yourself, but you can’t do it alone.  White Heulandite has the ability to help you commune with your higher self and view your path with your purpose in mind, and to make you aware of the adjustments that may need to be made to keep you in alignment with that purpose.  All very heady and brain centered. 


      Green Heulandite is focused on the energy of the heart.  Joy, bliss, compassion, love.  One can travel through many dimensions, returning with uplifting, joyful energies, that can then be shared on this 3D plane. It helps to calm nervousness and dissipates fear.  It’s a stone that says, “don’t think, feel!”


      Using white and green together can balance energies of heart and mind. 


      On a scientific note, Heulandite is classified as a Zeolite and I find the industrial uses to be quite enlightening, as it is an adsorbent as well as an absorbent.  Calming, cleansing, neutralizing.  This mineral is used to control odors in making paint, heat storage for solar energy, ammonia filtration in fish hatcheries and soil amendments to retain moisture and nutrients.  It can carry microbes to help break down, recycle and biodegrade a variety of materials.  It can be used as an alternative to fly-ash in concrete.  The practical uses are nearly endless.  The metaphysical applications can be equally expansive. 


Tamara Perlman

Vortex Jewels

Cleanse and Align Your Pendulum

© 2020

The Sacred Art & Act of Smudging


      Smudging is a ritual, a sacred act of cleansing, purification, and communication with Spirit. Indigenous cultures and spiritual practitioners from around the world agree and invoke the healing, cleansing, banishing, and protective qualities and presence that this practice facilitates.


      First, we must open to the idea that "we" human beings, are a part of a greater cycle of life, one of countless sacred threads woven throughout the great mystery. We live on this planet, which gives us all we need to sustain physical life, and as such we are inextricably interconnected to all other life, elements, and timelines. Once we relax into the idea that we are a part of, not outside of all of life, this ritual becomes more powerful than ever.


      There are many ways to "smudge", "purify", "clear", "banish", "activate" or "seal" energy. And in this series, we'll discuss each.  Preparation for a smudging ceremony can be elaborate, or simple as you desire or is as needed depending on what you are intentionalising.

      What is your purpose or intention for smudging? One of the most common uses for smudging is to clear negative or unwanted energies from your person, aura, or space. It is also common to use this practice to speak with Spirit, God, Source, connect with your guides, angels, the elementals, and other dimensions. You may wish to seal space, protect, or create an energetic barrier. Perhaps you wish to connect time and space, to open or close a portal. Some of these are more advanced applications of smudging, however, they are all possible, just be clear in your heart and mind what you are invoking and why.

      Now that you are clear on what your purpose is for smudging, consider your smudging materials. In the United States, First Nations Peoples prepare ceremonies with gifts from that Earth that represent the Four Elements and give prayer and acknowledgment to the Four Directions. For instance, coastal First Nations peoples might have a shell representing the gifts and element of Water and the direction of the West (other cultures may use salt), they might also have collected tobacco, sweetgrass, sage, or cedar representing the gifts and element of Earth in their area and the direction of North (in South America Palo Santo, or in Australia Eucalyptus Branches are gifts of the Earth), the flint or fire representing Fire and the direction of the South, while the smoke of the plant medicine, incense, or resin that creates smoke represents the element of air (don't forget breath, sound like flutes or whistles are also air), and the direction of the East.


      You might like to try something similar and try calling in the elements that resonate with you in the sacred directions. Have a think and a look around your home and surrounding nature to see what you already have, or what nature may have gifted you in your yard or along your walk.

      As a Classically-trained Feng Shui Practitioner and Geomancer (using earth to divine), my elemental and directional practice varies as I'm guided at any moment by my connection to my ancestral lineages, the earth, and my spiritual training. I call in the Four Cardinal Directions as well as the Semi-cardinal Directions such as Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. I also am a carrier of Storm Medicine, so I call in storm element as well as Wood, Metal, and Cosmic, energy. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is very appropriate for you to feel and speak what feels right to you and attune to your intuitive knowingness. You have deep cellular wisdom within you, always experiment and follow your inner guidance with a light and conscious heart.


      If you were to attend a more formal ceremony with me, you'd find a metal chalice with moon water, essential oils, crystals to create a grid and neutralize center energy, roses, my handmade copper and crystal anchor rods, a seed gourd rattle, and one of my sacred healing smudge feathers of Owl, Blue Heron, Raven, or Turkey that I use to facilitate the movement of sacred smoke among other tools. If I am out and about and need to do an informal or impromptu clearing, you'd see me sing a salt shape (I keep a pouch of salt in my purse ;-)), or flick water or blow flowers or soil using my breath, draw into the earth with a branch. Remember ritual and ceremony are intentional, the magick and medicine are all around and within you.

      Now that you have your Intention and have selected your tools (and know you can do this practice anywhere) - prepare your voice heart and mind. All cultures use song, voice, dance, drumming, rattles, whistles, make some sacred noise and let mama earth and the spirit beings know of your loving and protective intentions, open your heart and speak out loud, sing and move your energy.


You can start your Sacred Smudging by:

                  *Blessing space, opening to your highest guidance and Creator, honoring the traditional landowners for where your feet and body stand, honor your blood, bones, and personal lineage, give thanks to the elements and the four directions.

                  *Speaking in your intention for the smudging, are you: bridging sacred understanding, calling your Soul's memories and knowledge, inviting in good spirits and protection, inviting negative energy that is not helpful to leave, or sealing space or portals?

                   *If you are clearing or purifying, move the sacred smoke using a feather or your breath or your hands or all three, direct the smoke in the space counter-clockwise to open, clockwise to ground, in the personal aura feel where the smoke and feathers are guided and clear the aura intuitively, direct smoke or over the object being cleared or pass the object through the smoke, with clear intention and prayers, chanting, singing, drumming, or speaking - invite communion with the earth, that she may receive all cleared energy for transmutation and purification, slice or cut away any energy that feels like it is attached or corded in some way, invite mother earth or your spirit team to assist you to remove and release and speak that it is no more (**smoke is a conductor of spirit, use it wisely - all energy can move between the veils and dimensions easily through smoke, so be clear when you are using smoke to speak in specifically the energies you desire and speak out those you do not desire).

                   *Be open to what you receive, hear, see, smell, sense, and feel, give your sacred ceremony a beginning, middle, and an end.

                    *Celebrate and close your smudging with gratitude prayer, song, seal in the good energy, acknowledge that your purpose for the ceremony is complete, close your eyes in appreciation, and know it is done.

      Stay tuned as I finish my book "Easy Energy," coming out this May, I'll share many practical, energy healing, and ritual techniques so go ahead and give the sacred art and act of smudging a try and see what healing comes through you.

As always All is in Motion, Love, Blessings & All things Sacred,

Shama Besley

Azure Ray Healing & Sacred Healing Jewellery




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