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The Altergirl

Intuitive Channel Guide

Through channeled visuals, messages, and interactive discussions with the higher energetics that have been with you all along, a Soul Voice Attunement will deliver tools, keys, & insights specific and divine for you to utilize as you are delivered into an expanded landscape, bringing new understanding to your authentic Journey.


Book your session with Nichole today.


This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a Reading ~ $65

Nichole Rita Welch

Call or Text

(802) 777-1316

Ascend Healing Arts and Mystical Gifs, Infused Handcrafter Crystal Candels, Aromatherapy Mists,

Annie Channels

Reverend Annie Bachelder


Clients around the world know that my Akashic Records Readings help them lead abundant, effective, purposeful lives while being heart-centered. I help you to resolve worry, neutralize fear, receive clear direction, and inspire successful action.

Specializing in health, wealth, career, relationships, real estate, and your Soul's Path.


Schedule your Zoom or Phone reading Today! $99 for 60-minutes

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Annie Bachelder


Call or Text

(415) 846-2412



Shama Besley, Storm Wisdom Keeper, Author, Master Teacher Trainer, Business Medium, Brand Oracle, Creator of Writing from the Queen's Seat

Azure Ray Healing

Spiritual Business Medium


Shama is a Storm Wisdom keeper, Master Teacher Trainer, Author, and Oracle Transmitter whose refreshingly light approach, intuitive acuity, expert know-how, and down-to-earth guidance lead to lightning-fast shifts and upgrades in the lives and businesses of her clients and students around the world. Have fun and change your life!

If you were ready for change yesterday ~ contact Shama today!

Get your Energy & Business Right

90-Minute Holiday Special $165

Shama Besley

Call or Text

(707) 309.1393

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Caravan of Dreams

Poetic Tarot & Guidance

Elizabeth Martina Bishop will read your dreams with poetic tarot, and just plain poetry.


Whatever way you receive messages, she will find a way to reach your heart center with compassion. Whatever you like, she will be.


Elizabeth Martina Bishop


Ph.D. Performance Poet, Writer, Visionary Artist & Children's Book Author


Daily Poetry



(928) 707-2341

Catherine Walters, Spiritual Guide, Seashell Shaman, Joy Coach

Guided Change

Coaching & Healing

Spiritual Guide, Seashell Shaman, and

Joy Coach. Catherine's passion is guiding other highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive healers, creatives, and entrepreneurial lightworkers to reconnect with the wisdom of their authentic Soul. 


Connect with Catherine for a Dragon, Unicorn, or  Angel Reading.


Catherine Walters

Call or Text

(510) 499 - 3252

Ce Ce Convers, Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Animal Communicator

Intuitive Clarity

Spiritual Guide, Life Coach


Spiritual Guide, Psychic Intuitive, Consultant & Animal Communicator.


Ce Ce's style is warm and compassionate, and whether your goal is to become more grounded, expand your skillset, solve a specific problem, brainstorm a new business, or grow an existing one, she can help you. You can expect clear, direct, no-nonsense guidance. Contact Ce Ce for a free personal introduction to this work.

Ce Ce Converse

Call or Text

(415) 885-9700


Harmony Healing

Psychic Medium


Sibyl is a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer with more than 25 years of experience. She offers insightful sessions, practical, and energetic solutions to resolve life issues. If you are looking for compassionate, direct guidance that will help you experience greater balance and harmony in your life book your session today. She offers practical and energetic solutions to resolve life issues. 

Book your Zoom or phone session today!

Holidays & Gifts ~ 2 x 45-Minute Readings

One for you, One for a loved one ~ $250

Mention: Crystal Fair

Sibyl Harmony

Call or Text

(707) 769-9997

316 Bodega Avenue

Petaluma, California 94952


Quest Tarot

Award-Winning Author


Joseph has been doing passionate psychic readings and life instruction for over 30 years. His TV Show Paranormal Insights won 6 Video Excellence Awards and his book is in 6 countries in 5 languages. You'll get a loving psychic session that can change your life with answers that are meant for you. Divine wisdom is available to you now.

Text to book your personal session for the quickest response.

Joseph Ernest Martin

Call or Text

(510) 387-3328

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Marie Larotonda, The Spirit Guide, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor

The Spirit Guide

Marie, the Spirit Guide


As a clairvoyant guide and spiritual counselor, Marie facilitates the energetic and spiritual growth of those seeking assistance with their next step(s). Her insightful readings help people release invalidation, find hope, and create new life directions. Join one of Marie’s intuitive training & healing teleseminars and connect with a means of self-growth and empowerment.  In-person or over the phone sessions are available.

Marie Larotonda

Call or Text

(415) 717-8080

Gina Bartiromo Intuitive,Medium, Energy Healer

The Unfolding Self

Intuitive, Medium, Energy Healer

As an Intuitive, I offer clarity and guidance on any issue(s) you are facing, providing you with insight on how you can best move forward.


As an Energy Healer, I clear out what is no longer serving you in body, mind, spirit, and invite in healing.


As a Medium, I relay messages that deceased loved ones are wanting to convey to you, offering comfort and connection.


Follow the Heart - It Knows the Way

Gina Bartiromo

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