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Annie Bachelder Akashic Record Readings Zoom or Phone Sessions

Annie Channels

Reverend Annie Bachelder


Clients around the world know my heart-centered Akashic Records Readings help them lead abundant, effective, and purposeful lives.


Specializing in health, wealth, career, relationships, real estate, and your Soul's Path, our sessions together will help you resolve worry, neutralize fear, receive clear direction, and inspire successful action.


Take me up on my special offer for new clients and Schedule your Zoom or Phone Reading Today!

$99 for 60-minutes


Now you can Give the Gift of Emotional Freedom

Gift Certificates $99


Call or Text

(415) 846-2412


Shama Besley, Storm Wisdom Keeper, Author, Master Teacher Trainer, Business Medium, Brand Oracle, Creator of Writing from the Queen's Seat

Azure Ray Healing

Spiritual Business Medium



A POWER PACKED opportunity to get the work you're NOT so EXCITED about DONE FAST!


Book in your VIP "Done With You" Half-Day Session this January.


Choose From:

*Alignment, Brand Voice, Strategy & Vision

*Write your Sales Page or 2-3 Pages of Web Copy

*Create your Signature Lead Magnet


We'll hop on Zoom and together we'll clear those projects off your desk and out of your energy field!


VIP Sessions Book Out Fast!

Call or Text for Available Days!

(707) 309-1393

Caravan of Dreams

Poetic Tarot & Guidance


Affordable Sliding Scale

Sessions & Appointments:


* Dream Interpretation

*Life Coaching

*Tarot & Oracle Reading


Looking for a Memoir Coach?

Contact Elizabeth to learn what the writing process looks like, jumpstart your story and creativity, and get the help you need to get

into your writing zone!


Selected as a semi-finalist in the Tokyo International Short Film Festival



Elizabeth Martina Bishop


Ph.D. Performance Poet, Writer, Visionary Artist & Children's Book Author


Daily Poetry



(928) 707-2341

Ce Ce Convers, Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Animal Communicator



Spiritual Guide, Life Coach


Spiritual Guide, Psychic Intuitive, Consultant & Animal Communicator.


Ce Ce's style is warm and compassionate, and whether your goal is to become more grounded, expand your spiritual skillset, solve a specific problem, brainstorm a new business, or grow an existing one, she can help you.


You can expect clear, direct, no-nonsense guidance.


Contact Ce Ce for a free personal introduction

to this work.

Ce Ce Converse

Call or Text

(415) 885-9700

Living Labyrinths for Peace by

Livng Labyrinths 

for Peace

Programs - Artwork - Training


The Labyrinth is a sacred metaphor for life made real. We are walking on our path every day and the twists and turns lead us to many unknown destinations. In this work, we come into a deeper understanding of how to create the very transformation we seek from within.


I've been creating Labyrinths for much of my life and teaching the process and wisdom in our communities and schools.


When designing a Labyrinth on your land, in your home, in your school, alone, or among others, you'll find peace and joy as you tap into the artist that is connected to everything.


Sandra Wasko-Flood


Call or Text

(703) 217-6706

Gina Bartiromo Intuitive,Medium, Energy Healer


Unfolding Self

Medium, Energy Healer

Hi there, I'm Gina! I am a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Life-Coach. If you aren't sure what you need - I've listed a few ways we can work together.


Intuitive Readings offer clarity and guidance on any issue(s) you might be facing and will provide you with deeper insight and practical next steps for to you move forward in the best way.


Energy Healing will help you clear out what is no longer serving you in body, mind, and spirit, and from there we can invite in the healing energy your Soul is craving. 


Missing a loved one and want to connect?

Schedule a Mediumship Session with me. This is where I am open to receiving communication from the Spirit of your loved ones and relay any messages they are wanting to convey to you.


Follow the Heart - It Knows the Way

Gina Bartiromo

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