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March, 2021

“Vanessa Levin interviews Jerry Tomlinson for the 34th Anniversary of the San Francisco Crystal Fair”. 

Compressed Jerry-Vanessa interviewJerry's interview
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How to Use Your Pendulum


     Welcome Back to How to Use Your Pendulum Part II.

     Picking up from where we left off last month; have you been practicing your “yes” and “no” answers? Are you noticing that they have become more consistent?


     If not, practice using the techniques I gave in February's Article a bit more and try cleansing and aligning your pendulum with the steps at the bottom of this article.


     The more you find a consistent yes and no answer, the more you will trust its answers when working with it. And the more fun it becomes.


Working with your pendulum:

     I recommend making statements to your pendulum instead of asking questions.

     Why you may ask?

     When asking questions, your mind can interpret the answer in many ways. By using statements such as:

Example: I am ____________ (your name)

Example: My keys are located ______________ (location of your lost keys)


your pendulum's response will give you a definitive yes/no answer to your already clear statement.

     And while I have been teaching you to practice getting Yes/No answers there is a third answer you can receive. This is of course is, “don’t know”.


     For me, this shows up as a non-moving pendulum or a circle as an answer to a statement I've spoken. Pay attention to how it shows up for you and make a note of it as you practice.

     The key is understanding your pendulum's movements and ensuring they are consistently accurate when testing your true/ false statements you before you hold any answer as true.


     Pendulums can swing back and forth, circle or no movement. And answer patterns can be different for you than they are for your friend, or from how my answers come across. That is OK! Just find your consistent swing, or circle and apply that when you work.

     Tip: If for some reason it begins to move differently from how it normally moves for your yes/no, just stop your query, cleanse your pendulum, clear your energy (you can use sage), and begin again.

     Once you are comfortable and trust the consistency of your answers, you can now use your pendulum for others. Have fun with it.

     You can find pendulums in most spiritual stores and online, check out some of our Crystal Fair Vendors to find yours.  Pendulums can be stone, metal, wood. (Yes, you can use other objects as well, later. Start with a specific pendulum so you know what it is like.) Keep your pendulum with you daily, for instance, in your pocket or wallet, or purse so you get used to using it more frequently and having it in your energy field.

     Note: The methods I am teaching here using "statements" rather than "questions" are specifically for beginners to get clear yes/no answers only. I recommend refraining from using it for any other purpose or more advanced query at this point. Our mind is powerful and can rationalize to receive the answers it wants. This means if you pose an ambiguous question the answer you receive will also be ambiguous (leaving you to have to try to interpret the answer clearly or any way you wish). Professionals can drill down to the yes/no of a query without attachment to the answer.


     So if you have a more advanced question or important decision to make please consult a professional to offer you their divination.

Cleanse and Align your pendulum:

To cleanse your pendulum, you can use one or all of the following techniques:

1.    Sage your pendulum (light sage and pass your pendulum through the cleansing smoke).

2.    Lay your pendulum on your windowsill for 24 hours which allows it to receive the full energetic re-set of the sun and the moon.

3.    Lay your pendulum on/in a bowl of sea salt. Important: keep metal away from the salt! 

4.    Spray with “holy water”. If your pendulum is metal, dry immediately, as water will corrode metal and some stones.

5.    Many say you can Reiki or “energy wash” cleanse (I personally use one of the top 4).


Align your pendulum with your energy:

1.    Keep the pendulum on or around you for several days. You can put it in your pocket, bag, or somewhere close to you.

2.    Keep it on your bedstand while you sleep. You can also place it under your pillow. If you do that, I recommend placing your pendulum in a padded bag so you don’t lose it.


Many Blessings, 

CeCe Converse, Intuitive Clarity

Indian Minerals

     Many people go to India “to find themselves.”  If a trip to India isn’t a possibility right now, then perhaps bringing some of the high-energy minerals from India home to you can be a suitable alternative. Indian minerals are visually stunning, mineralogically interesting and they feel good!  You may a feel soft, gentle energy from many of these crystals, but don’t be fooled.  They are incredibly powerful! 


     Minerals from India are a collector’s delight.  Rarely do 2 pieces look similar.  There are exotic combinations

of 2, 3, 4 or more minerals.  This makes them energetically complex, an amplified richness of energies you won’t find elsewhere. 


     Apophyllite is found in a diverse color palette (clear, white, gray, pink, red, green), with the associated energies just as diverse. 


     Clear Apophyllite will typically have high vibration and space clearing/cleansing properties.  It can also be very calming with the ability to soothe anxiety and worry.  Using it in a grid for your home, studio or office, imagine it as a pillar of light, connecting to higher consciousness and stimulating intuitive vision.


     Green Apophyllite (considered rarer) can range from a very pale to bright, vibrant green.  It also has a cleansing and clarifying effect.  It helps with letting go of that which no longer supports your growth, including emotional and physical toxins. Imagine a bubble of green light where nature spirits feel free to dance and connect—a space of joy and harmony and you could be the beneficiary. 


     Apophyllite and Stilbite are often found together and are perhaps the most well-recognized of Indian mineral combinations.  Stilbite also has a wide palette of colors and each brings its own voice to the mix.  Stilbite assists with clear thinking and awareness of self.  It emanates joyous vibrations and strong loving energy.  Combine those energies with Apophyllite and you have an energetic powerhouse of support for co-creation in this dimension and beyond!


     There are so many other Indian minerals that deserve attention, along with their combinations with other minerals, that a book could be written… how’s that for a co-creative project?


Tamara Perlman

Vortex Jewels

Cleanse and Align Your Pendulum

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