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David Geiger Crystals, Minerals and CBD's. High Vibrational Crystal Wholeslaer.

David Geiger

Minerals & CBD's

Since 1991, David resides as the Top Three Metaphysical Crystal Wholesaler offering the Highest Vibration Crystals on the planet with Tradeshows in the USA & Japan.


Sentient Crystals, several types of Phenacite, Crystal Jewelry & Beads, Hedenbergite, Tumbled Stones, Spheres, Wands, etc., and a line of Full Spectrum Crystal CBD's, gridded with Crystals & Reiki.

Let us know what you're looking for

and we'll help you find it!


David Geiger, Owner


International Dealer - Quartz Crystals for Sale


Call or Text

(510) 295-7156

My Crystal Visions - Healing Wands and Crystal Energy Tools

My Crystal Visions

est. 1998 by Sue Cukrov 


I create amazing one-of-a-kind wands with crystals that are hand-selected for their energy and healing properties. 


I also make crystal and stone pendants, pendulums, crystals for your pet, and suncatchers!


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Contact me for more product pictures, questions about pricing, or if you are looking for something specific for a purpose.

(if you're interested in purchasing a wand or other product, contact me with your price range and I'll send you pictures of what I have available in that range)


email me at: 

Or text or send a voicemail at:

408 307 2138 

Sacred Healing Jewellery - Shama Besley

Sacred Healing Jewellery

Sacred Healing Jewellery

Indigenous American Medicine Pieces & Energetic Healing Tools Made by

Master Leather Worker and Tsa-la-gi Elder,

Phoenix-Two Moons

Traditionally Sourced, Gifted from Great Spirit.

Handcrafted in sacred ceremony in co-creation with Great Spirit.


More than Beautiful ~ It's Medicine 

For Virtual Showing

and Channeled Consultation

Call or Text Shama 

(707) 309.1393

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Dynamic Energy Crystals  - Sausalito Crystal Gallery

Dynamic Energy Crystals

Sausalito Crystal Gallery

We are committed to making the highest quality, most beautiful crystals, gems, minerals, & jewelry available for your enjoyment, collection, and energetic practices

Our retail store is located in the heart of downtown Sausalito, a short drive north across the Golden Gate Bridge


Visit Us Online

Shop Our Online Gallery

Visit Our Retail Gallery in Person

21 Princess Street, Sausalito, CA, 94965

(Open 7 days 10:30 - 6)

Contact Us

(415) 729-9559

instagram: @dynamicenerycrystals

Nature's Geometry

Back to the Future!

From Jerry's inaugural Crystal Fair Show in 1987

to a New World in 2021...



to the world of artisanal miners!


*We mine and we give back to the communities.


*We educate freely and believe in transparency to benefit people and land.


All of this leads to Amazing Crystals 


From simple points to museum-grade,

we even have our lapidary who will create

and shape gems and jewels for those

of you who are collectors or designers. 

IG @goldenrutilatedquartz

Starseed Crystals.png

Starseed Crystals

DF Freeman

Specializing in Crystal Skulls

and healing tools


Custom cut and specialty crystal skulls from small pocket-sized to large MASTER skulls. 

We specialize in connecting people to stones. 

Whether it be a skull or a crystal, we offer the best stones with compassion and intuition to match them up to their proper caretakers. 

All crystals and skulls are charged and energized with the powerful energies of Mt Shasta and the magnificent Redwood forests of California.


Select a VOGEL healing wand or an energized bracelet. We do custom orders as well.


Located in Sonoma County.

Check out our Online Shop on Etsy

JC Crystals

and More


We're Jeff and Cindy Chastain, owners of JC Crystals and More located in Roseville, CA.


We sell mainly rough display specimens such as Azurite, Dioptase, Barite, Vanadinite, Malachite, etc.


Find us on our Facebook BIZ page, Facebook Group page, Instagram, and MeWe pages.


We're Gem and Mineral show dealers and we do home and online sales.


Thank you and have a blessed day!


Jeff & Cindy

JC Crystals and More

Call (916) 218-6108


Facebook Page

Facebook Group






Hello darlings!

Ginger here, from

Ravenscroft Escentials.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all at the Crystal Fair when it opens up again,

be it virtually or in-person because I love sharing this healing medicine with you!

I've spent the past 22 years sourcing the purest organic oils on the planet to create and bring to you the most deliciously healing aromatherapy energy medicine possible!


So if you haven't tried our oils before ~ today is an excellent day, give us a call or visit us online and check out our entire collection.


We can't wait to introduce you to your newest

favorite product!


Ravenscroft Escentials

Contact Us:

(541) 476-7244

M-F 10AM -6PM Pacific





Asthetically & energetically, these crystals will enrich your space


Apophyllite, Stilbite, Heulandite, Calcite, Quartz, Chlorite, Chalcedony, Amethyst.

Many of the pieces are 12” and larger. Perfect for altars, gridding, and home décor.


See my Etsy page for listings of Indian Minerals, One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition natural crystal jewelry for men and women, Decorative Crystals for Home and Garden, Mineral Specimens and Fossils.


Or find us on



Contact me for custom orders or special requests for minerals we'll comb through our massive inventory to see how we can help. I also plan to be in Tucson for the re-scheduled gem and mineral shows in April, so if you're looking for anything specific let me know!


Mention Code:

CFB321 for a 10% discount




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