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Artistic Jewelry 

by PLT

Inspired by the beautiful scenery of the San Francisco Bay Area, the ocean, the sky, and our diverse population; my art finds its expression in photography, jewelry, and custom-made pieces created to adorn the body of my clients enriching their signature style.


My favorite mediums include pearl knotting, Viking knitting, wire wrapping, stone setting,

and my line of scenic greeting cards. 


I invite you to visit my sites where you can shop and order unique treasures for yourself and your loved ones. 


Customers save 15% on $20.00 purchases



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(510) 734-8734

David Geiger Crystals, Minerals and CBD's. High Vibrational Crystal Wholeslaer.

David Geiger

Minerals & CBD's

Since 1991, David resides as the Top Three Metaphysical Crystal Wholesaler offering the Highest Vibration Crystals on the planet with Tradeshows in the USA & Japan.


Sentient Crystals, several types of Phenacite, Crystal Jewelry & Beads, Hedenbergite, Tumbled Stones, Spheres, Wands, etc., and a line of Full Spectrum Crystal CBD's, gridded with Crystals & Reiki.

Let us know what you're looking for

and we'll help you find it!


David Geiger, Owner


International Dealer - Quartz Crystals for Sale


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(510) 295-7156

Digging Danes

Mining Company

Offering material straight from our USA mine sites in the desert southwest.


We focus on bringing you stones with metaphysical properties, lapidary material, collector specimens, sculptured mineral art, and custom home interior designs.


 We also offer Guided Personal Mineral Digs, "Mine at Home" material boxes, and Mountainous Spiritual Retreats coming up in the Spring of 2021.


Contact us online or on Facebook!

We look forward to hearing from you.



P.O. Box 1646

Eagar, Az 85925

Indigo Cruz Creations, Live Instagram FLASH SALES, Crystals, Candles

Indigo Cruz


Beautiful Crystals from Around the World at



Hi there, we're Indigo Cruz Creations we hand-select our stones and put loving energy into everything we touch!


We've even got delicious hand-made

soy wax candles with surprise crystals at the bottom!


Let it burn, get a Crystal in return.


Join us for


on Instagram!


Thank you for your love and support




Instagram: @indigocruzcreations

Medicine Heart


Lovingly hand-made jewelry.

We are Co-Creators


Each of our pieces is a journey, a sacred practice of love.

We believe that every stone, crystal, shell, and symbol carries its own messages. We simply tune-in, allowing each piece to be birthed as it desires, trusting that the wearer will be blessed and surrounded by the energies they most need.


This is my prayerful purpose.


The heart symbol is a sacred reminder to trust our inner wisdom, and to see, with our “heart’s eyes”, the face of God/Goddess in each person we meet.

Guided by the Sioux legend that states that "the greatest journey we can make is the journey of 18 inches, from our heads to our hearts".


Cynthia Clark

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Nature's Geometry

Back to the Future!

From Jerry's inaugural Crystal Fair Show in 1987 to a New World in 2021...



to the world of artisanal miners!


*We mine and we give back to the communities.


*We educate freely and believe in transparency to benefit people and land.


All of this leads to Amazing Crystals 


From simple points to museum-grade,

we even have our lapidary who will create

and shape gems and jewels for those

of you who are collectors or designers. 

IG @goldenrutilatedquartz

Handmade Native American Crystal and Deerskin Medicine Jewelry. Owner, Master Teacher, Author Shama Besley travels around the world showcasing and offering channeled readings to her clients of Phoenix Two Moons Handmade Shamanic Healing Tools so that you may connect and learn to initiate yourself into the mystery of your chosen path.

Sacred Healing Jewellery

Handmade Native American Crystal,

Deerskin & Diamondback Rattlesnake

Shamanic Healing Jewelry & Energy Tools

Traditionally Sourced, Gifted from Great Spirit.

Each heirloom quality

one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art is expertly handcrafted in sacred ceremony in co-creation with Great Spirit by Master Leatherworker Tsa-La-Gi Medicine Woman Phoenix-Two-Moons.


More than Beautiful ~ It's Medicine 

Shama Besley, Owner

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(707) 309.1393

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