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How to Create Your Own Crystal Zen Garden

By, Ari Nelson

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       In our day to day lives, we require several key environments to fulfill our needs and stay at our highest vibration. Our primary environment is our Home Environment. This is our sanctuary, our place to nurture, connect, and create the love we seek to give and receive in all its forms. Secondly, is our Work or Business Environment. Here we seek to foster a space that can reveal opportunity and inspire innovation in the pursuit of greatness and profitable outcomes.


     For thousands of years, humans and crystals have had a harmonic relationship with each other on the energetic plane and by simply selecting the right crystals for you and your environment you can begin to bring the Zen Garden energy into your home or business. Crystals are amazing tools that can help us maintain the highest alignment between our Higher-self and our Physical-self and can help us become more attuned to the mastery of our life which is based upon the growth and expansion of all our faculties.


      The following exercise is designed to bring your awareness to the subtle differences of energy within a room. This is helpful because the more specific our experience, the greater clarity we have to make better choices and deepen the connection within ourselves and with others.

EXERCISE: The Awareness of Energy in your Space. Try this exercise in two different quiet environments.


  1. Choose a section of the room to focus on that has an object of interest to you.

  2. Take 3-4 deep belly breaths and observe all aspects of that space in as great detail as you can, especially the object of interest.

  3. Now close your eyes and continue to breathe gently with full breaths.

  4. Use all your senses to recreate what you just saw by visualizing it in your mind.

  5. Remember the details of the section of the room and scan the area to see if you can sense different energies in the space and even how you feel in relation to the distinct aspects.


  6. Now see if you notice any differences between the            object itself, and the space between or around the            object (colors, patterns, anything that appears in                your visualization-note it). 

  7. After practicing this 2-3 times, sit and reflect, with              your eyes open looking at that same section - does it        feel different? Are you aware of something that you'd        like to change?


    To deepen this exercise, imagine a spectacular crystal in the center of the room (any color size shape you feel) and visualize it in all its detail. Then follow the same process as above.


    Upon reflection, did you feel different when scanning the space with the crystal in the environment? Were there changes in the energy, when you visualized the space? Did other objects in the room energetically respond in relation to the crystal?


    Write down or remember what you felt, feel where you would want to place crystals in your home or business to create your personal CRYSTAL ZEN GARDEN ENVIRONMENT.


    The benefits of creating a CRYSTAL GARDEN in your home or business are many, but not least is the gift of your soul naturally opening to the intelligence and energy of the millions of years of evolution within a crystal. Its harmonizing with the environment is the first stage to thriving, and then our mind can begin to access a deeper listening and go far beyond our basic needs as we endeavor to achieve our living-dream state.


    Enjoy the journey of AWAKENING YOUR ENVIRONMENT.


~ Ari 

Shaman + Owner, Zen Garden Crystal Décor


With Shama Besley of Azure Ray Healing

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