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DF Freeman Gems and Crystal Skulls

       Firstly, let's examine what a crystal skull really is. A crystal skull is a model of a human skull generally made out of quartz crystal, but not always. Crystal skulls vary in size from just a few inches to the size of a human head, or bigger. Crystal skulls are most often associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures, especially the Maya.  Skulls have a mysterious aspect that make them ideal as subject matter for adventure movies such as the Indiana Jones movies.


       From an esoteric perspective, however, crystal skulls are a metaphor for enlightened mankind.  It is said that the quartz material represents the crystalline form of enlightened mind and body.

They attest to the point of view that reality is a "consciousness hologram” through which we experience life virtually.  As such, crystal skulls are seen as tools that awaken human consciousness. Crystal skulls have become another tool of divination, sometimes thought of as having magical powers, as well as transmitters and receivers of energy.

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       It is said that crystal skulls store energy and record events.  Ancient shamans were said to use skulls to record tribal events and significant ceremonies. Some of these ancient skulls like SHA-NA-RA and MAX are being presented to seekers today as tools for enlightenment.


       Many crystal skulls are designed at specific angles representing a union of sacred geometry and the nature of the quartz crystal used. The shape of the Fibonacci spiral is said to be the building block of all nature and is often reflected in the shape of the skulls. Some say that as the skull is carved, higher vibration entities take up residence inside the skull. Many skull owners can attest to that, as they can access these beings and retrieve information from them.


       Holding an object to exchange energies and/or receive messages is called psychometry. To find messages while looking at the inclusions within a quartz crystal, or crystal skull, is a form of divination called Scrying.  Skulls are also used for healing, or as a base for receiving channeled information.


       So we see, that from an esoteric point of view, skulls serve a purpose and are used as tools for enlightenment.  It’s not surprising that they are so popular.


       If you are drawn to skulls, I encourage you to be curious and to explore the idea of having some in your home.  Make them part of your meditation practice and open to the wisdom they want to share with Humanity.


by Don Freeman, Starseed Crystals 

Caretaker for OMAR, a 17.5 pound MASTER skull

    Are you attracted to clear quartz over and over again? Do you have clusters and generators and wands and tumbled and raw variations of this gorgeous and highly versatile stone in your life and home? If so, your attraction might be telling you something!

       Many crystal healers and experts consider Clear Quartz, the Master Stone on the planet. With Quartz deposits on EVERY continent, it is the most widely distributed on the Earth's surface. 

       Clear quartz is not only beautiful, but it's also powerful, and practical. Quartz has a stellar reputation of stability when exposed to a full spectrum of different temperatures, and its ability to conduct various frequencies accurately has made it the go-to stone for ancient and modern scientists alike when powering technology and amplifying signals. 


      Many of the modern crystals used in computers and lasers today are not naturally occurring but perfected and grown in labs to ensure consistency. Many myths and legends from ancient civilizations have also heralded Quartz's Power but did they know how to harness the naturally occurring magic better than we do now?


        Inorganic or man-made lab-grown crystals won't hold the same energetic connection to Mother Earth's memory or ancient medicine that natural quartz will, but lab-grown crystals will have what we call "artificial intelligence" and the ability to be programmed like their organic cousins. 


       So why ARE YOU so drawn to Clear Quartz? 

      Are you wanting to: a) communicate telepathically b) learn to see beyond the veil of illusion or develop interdimensional sight 

c) called to help activate and connect the planet's changing ley line network d) channel with non-physical or light beings e) create a power station of energetic communication - these are all reasons why you might be a collector of clear quartz AND they're super gorgeous! Basically, clear quartz can be partnered with just about any other crystal and mineral to enhance their metaphysical properties and are key to powering and activating crystal grids. Remember, always cleanse and honor your crystal allies and the long journey they have taken to arrive to you, open your heart with gratitude to receive their precious ancient wisdom.


Until next time ~ Crystal Blessings

Shama Besley

Azure Ray Healing & Sacred Healing Jewelry



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