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Azure Ray


Spiritual Business Bootcamp


Are you one of the thousands of Intuitive Entrepreneurs (coaches, psychics, healers, readers) who are struggling to find your sweet spot in your business?

Do you feel like you are constantly shifting tactics, starting over from scratch, or worse yet you haven't changed anything in your business even though your clients and customers who need you more than ever are not finding you as easily anymore?

SPOILER ALERT **Doing more does not equal better results, contrary to what we have been fed over these past 10-years

Raise your hand if you are SERIOUSLY EXHAUSTED trying to keep up with what Social Media Platform to post on, what content to write or share, the newest algorithm affecting your pages, how much do you need to spend running ads, what about freebies, websites, branding, oh my goodness the list goes on and on (I'm tired just typing it!).

The average Spiritual Business Owner DOES NOT CARE about ANY OF THIS! YOU just WANT TO SERVE those PEOPLE who NEED you!

For the first time since leaving Melbourne, Australia I'll be running the Spiritual Business Owner Bootcamp

and Done with Me VIP Days.

Reach out to book your VIP Half Day or

register to save your space.

Write your Sales Page Copy

Spiritual Business Owner Strategy 101

Create your Mini-Course or Lead Magnet

Get Clear - Purpose and Direction

Shama Besley

Call or Text

(707) 309-1393

Living Labyrinths for Peace by

Living Labyrinths 

for Peace

Programs - Artwork - Training


I've been creating Labyrinths for much of my life and teaching the process and wisdom in our communities and schools, and now you can learn how to create your Living Labyrinth ONLINE!

I offer different programs for schools or at home.

Engaging our children's creativity has proven to be a way to support emotional and mental wellbeing and a way to connect them to their own sense of self-worth, identity, community, and peace.

Labyrinths are a part of us all in the human journey.

If you are a parent or one of our Sacred Teachers trying to make sense out of the evolving challenges 2020 has brought - contact me to see how this curriculum could add life and interest to your children's learning.

At home Finger Art Labyrinth

Join me for 2 x 45 minute Zoom Sessions

for learning and instructions

Other Programs for Schools and Students

Half-Day (3-Hours)


Residency (Six, 3-Hour Days)

Let's see how we can create something special for our children using the wisdom of the

Living Labyrinth! Give me a call with any ideas you'd like to explore!

Sandra Wasko-Flood


Call or Text

(703) 217-6706

Writing from the Queen's Seat - Write & Publish your book in 90-Days

Writing from the Queen's Seat

Spring Season Filling Author Seats Now!


Spring Season is only10 weeks away!

We work with 6 - 12 Author Queens each season which allows us to offer an extremely high level of care so you can get your book written and published in 90-Days.

Here's what our Winter Author Queens are saying after Week Four!

"I'm so excited about my new books! Thanks to Author Queen Writing Society!"

Sibyl Harmony
Healer, Teacher, Owner of Harmony Healing, Medicine Woman Author Queen!

"I cannot thank you enough for your generous 3 hours of coaching support today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was everything I needed and more. You exceeded anything I could have asked for. You did exactly what I needed to move forward and get unstuck.

You organized, typed, and questioned me. I feel like you really get how I work. Truly. Thank you.

I've been writing since we've talked. This was sooo Helpful.

You absolutely delivered on what you shared in our first discovery call conversation. I'm so grateful."

Keri Vaca
Speaker, Blogger, Professional Photographer, Cosmic Celestial Author Queen!




"You have created a space of safety and love, respect and honor, and because of this, we are all growing and expanding without fear of rejection, abandonment, or judgment within our own spheres. Freedom. Yes. Freedom. It is so important.

I would NEVER have attempted to write my books without this program, it is EXACTLY what I needed!"

Thank you and Blessings!"

Akaya Ross
Psychologist, Professor, Artist Rebel Author Queen!

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